ATA Financial was created to provide services aimed at those who are serious about financial success and financial independence. Our goal is to help them reach their highest potential with the confidence that they are doing what’s best for their businesses, farms and their families.

We truly believe people want to be a part of something growing and productive.  Our clients value perseverance, passion, and the importance of life balance.  Good financial planning and good relationships come from collaboration.  ATA Financial’s comprehensive planning process provides a clear vision of how our clients can best fulfill their chief goal of caring for their families, their businesses and themselves.

We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and help build a plan that allows you to create the life you imagine now, and pass on your estate to the next generation with harmony.


The team at ATA Financial Group is here to attend to the needs and expectations of our clients and ask the deep questions that get at any issue to help co-create financial plans that drive action. We do this by employing collaborative and process-driven processes that provide clarity and confidence in our clients.

We are proud to leverage our strengths and optimizing each other’s unique abilities in order to fulfill our client’s goals. Take a moment to meet us. You will find each of us knowledgeable, engaging and meticulous in ensuring each client has exceptional experience.



Adam Calibaba, CEA

Insurance Advisor Investment Representative

Growing up in Southern Saskatchewan taught me the value of spending quality time with family, and I want my clients to have the freedom to also experience that value. I accomplish this by providing business owners, professionals, and farmers with strategies that grow and protect their wealth as it transfers to the next generation in a way that is meaningful to them, and their families.

What I love most about my job is helping people achieve their financial and non-financial goals. I am grateful that many of my clients allow me to fully immerse myself into their business or family situation. This allows me to make financial planning recommendations as though I were making them to myself.

As Financial Advisor and a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA), I can advise my clients on ways to navigate the daunting task of trying to settle a loved one’s estate or retire knowing they did the best for their family. This helps give me a deeper understanding of the issues that face families during the difficult time of transition.


Tyler Monteyne

Insurance Advisor Investment Representative

Working in the financial services industry since 2007 taught me that some of the most valuable personal items are health, family, and having the freedom to surround yourself with people who elevate you in every way.  I’m a natural helper and I enjoy being able to pass on my knowledge of finance to my clients, so they can make more informed decisions. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping people gain financial knowledge and feel more at ease with their financial strategies. I love that my career allows me to help people get a better handle on their finances and feel empowered to make better decisions.

Along with a substantial inclination and accreditations in financial strategy, I also developed in the field of Cash Flow Specialization and gained the designation of Certified Executor Advisor.  Combined, these credentials go further to help clients reach the finish line after years of saving and planning.  My goal is to create long-lasting client relationships and work with people who are wanting to achieve true financial independence for themselves and future generations.


Amrit Mavi

Insurance Advisor Investment Representative

My strong interest in finance stemmed largely from working with my father growing up. Helping him run a business, learning about his daily ‘to-dos’, and taking in his wisdom worked as an early guide to the meaning of investing time and money. From there my passion grew into a career and I am privileged to leverage my personal history and expertise in financial management to help each client navigate rapidly shifting financial markets and take advantage of growth opportunities to achieve their long-term financial goals.

My clients are like many other business owners and professionals; concerned for their business and families and looking for financial advice that incorporates their values as well as their vision of their future. Money does not come with instructions, so I go beyond providing financial tactics. I aim to help clients take a step back to gain clarity on the steps they need to take to realize their goals.

I care deeply about my clients, and the entire purpose of my career is to help others. We only take on new clients who we can help and look forward to growing with like-minded clients who share the same values and beliefs that I do!

The ATA Financial Planning Team

The ATA Financial group maintains a close working relationship with a strong team of industry experts that they have gathered to ensure their clients have access to the full range of support they require.

Jeff Schaeffer

Insurance Advisor
Investment Representative

I ask the tough questions to get clients really thinking about what their future can look like.

My work ethic was developed on our family farm in southern Saskatchewan, through the life skills my parents taught me. I now apply those hard-working skills to help my clients achieve the same financial peace of mind that I seek for myself.

As a Financial Advisor, I take great pride in knowing that people trust me to help navigate the challenges of saving and protecting what they’ve worked hard for, in hopes of one day enjoying spending or transitioning it on to their beneficiaries. I want people to be proud of their accomplishments and to be right there alongside them, providing them with the education needed to understand what we are trying to achieve and why.

I provide advice to clients based on what they tell me is important to them and look forward to developing lasting relationships.

Terry Uhryn

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Growing up in eastern SK with an agriculture background, my parents instilled the value of family, hard work, and planning for the future.

With over 40 years in the industry, I have a substantial background in financial services that has given me a solid foundation as a Financial Advisor with the now merged London Life, Freedom 55, Great-West, and Canada Life. My vast knowledge, experience, attention to detail, client service, empathy and integrity, are just a few of my attributes which clients have come to trust and appreciate.

Recognizing that each client has individual needs, I pride myself on understanding that each situation is unique and is considered before making recommendations. My down to earth approach allows me to help clients understand priorities and financial choices to enable them to reach attainable goals in a straightforward manner. I tailor the advice and strategies to always be in their best interest. In addition, I work with a team of professionals specializing in securities, private wealth, and wealth and estate planning. 

The regulations in a fast-paced financial industry are constantly changing therefore, I am engaged in continuous professional development to stay on top of trends.  I am also a long-standing Member of Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling with my wife, music, photography, hiking, and being outdoors where you will see me detailing my cars and manicuring my yard.

Jackie Johnson,

Administrative Assistant

Jackie joins the firm with a degree in Advanced Clerical Accounting and after working in the Administration at an Engineering firm for a number of years, is enjoying her change and challenges in the Finance Industry.

Danielle Penner

Administrative Assistant


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