Shannon Lerner

Insurance Advisor
Investment Representative

Let's map a route together.

What I do

I work with folks to see where they are in relationship to their financial goals and map a route to where they want to go. Everyone is unique, so we tailor financial recommendations together to secure your finances today while growing wealth for financial goals and dreams.

Financial information is one of the most personal and intimate things a person can share. I honour the trust placed in me and provide a safe environment to discuss the experiences and dreams that shape how you want your future to look.

Why I do this

As a single parent, having my own financial house in order gives me confidence to dream a little bigger because I know that my needs and my children's needs will be met today and in the future. I became an advisor because I think everyone deserves that level of confidence. For me, working in financial isn't about money. It's about caring for people and what's important to them.


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