Boost your digital marketing efforts with Digital Agent, Hootsuite and DOX

Curious to learn how a strong digital presence can help grow your business? As part of the Canada Life Digital Toolkit program, you now have access to market-leading tools including Digital Agent, Hootsuite and DOX. Learn more about these tools in this pre-recorded Field Marketing drop-in demonstration. This session is offered in English only.

Digital Agent demonstration

Creating and updating a website is the largest part of moving online. In this session, we will walk you through setting up your site, as well as show you how to customize, create and share content easily. You will leave this session equipped with the ability to set up your Digital Agent site and be seen by clients and prospects right away.

Hootsuite and DOX demonstration

Sharing content and marketing materials to your prospects and clients is one of the best ways to build your brand. In this session we will take you through the features of the Hootsuite (00:00 - 13:15) and DOX (13:15 - 24:35) platforms. We will be providing a live demonstration of account setup, profile linking, as well as post creation and scheduling. Afterwards you will be able to set up your accounts and begin sharing your content and materials to prospects and clients.