Are you new to DOX? Here's a list of topics you'll want to consider.

DOX is a free self-serve platform where you can make personalized marketing materials within minutes. Rather than spending time requesting pieces through Field Marketing, waiting for reviews and approvals, design support and more, you can now do it yourself in DOX. Spend more time with your clients and less time requesting marketing materials.

On DOX you can order personalized marketing materials and download loads of social media images and cover photos that represent your brand. These marketing materials, including brochures, seminar invites, and advertisements, are personalized with your contact information, including your biography, headshot, and firm logo if you’re self-branded.

It’s basically like Vista Print but every material you get is a digital piece you can either use on your website, social media or send to clients via email, or you can send the file to a printer.

We will be adding new materials and features to DOX on a regular basis so make sure you check back often.

Who can use DOX?

DOX is free for advisors within Advisor Solutions, which includes Canada Life advisors and self-branded or incorporated advisors.

DOX is not available to Managing General Agencies (MGAs), National Accounts (NAs), field leaders, Business Development Advisors (BDAs), and Regional Account Executives (RAEs), or to advisors still aligned to the Freedom 55 Financial (F55F) brand. 

If you are still aligned to F55F, you can access the same materials you’d find in DOX in our Communications toolkit on Advisor Site. 

To get started on DOX, we’ll need your information. Signing up is simple.

You’ll simply fill out the Field Marketing intake form and provide your information in the fields listed to the right. Note this form is available in English and French.

You’ll fill out the various sections of the form that you see here, including providing us with your headshot and firm logo if you’re incorporated. Please make sure these assets are high resolution, and for logos ideally an EPS or PNG is preferred.

Your privacy is important to us. Once you submit this information we only use it for the DOX platform. You can read more about our privacy statement at the bottom of this form.

If you’d prefer to send us your responses via email instead of this form, please send your information to

Once we receive your completed intake form, we begin the onboarding process. 

Each advisor gets their own login for DOX – there cannot be multiple users associated to one login. If you want to have someone create marketing materials on your behalf, you will have to share your login credentials with that team member. 

You’ll receive an email from the Field Marketing team letting you know that you’re live on DOX, along with a link to the login page, your user ID and your temporary password.

If you speak French, we will make sure to link you to our French DOX URL, which you can get to anytime by pressing this button.

Once you login, you’ll be prompted to create a new password. From there you will then be directed to the DOX home page.

Unable to login? Try resetting your password or contact Field Marketing.

Once you login to DOX you’ll land on the home page.

  1. First, you’ll find our welcome message. Stay tuned here for any new announcements.
  2. You’ll see some featured items that will change regularly that you can click to order.
  3. The my popular items and most popular items ordered sections will change as you and other advisors interact with DOX and order materials.
  4. You’ll also find some helpful resources on marketing best practices and compliance guidelines in this section as well.


The main area you’ll be exploring is the marketing materials section, where you can find items you’ll be able to order.

Once you start adding items to your cart, they will save in your My items section. Additionally once you place an order, your orders will start appearing in the My orders section.

  • If you click More, you’ll be to view additional resources in our Help section, or you can choose to Contact us if you have questions.


At the top of the home page, if you click your name you can choose to opt in or out of email notifications when we add new items to DOX. You’re automatically opted out of these emails.

You can toggle to the French side of the site at any time and order those materials if you promote your business in English and French. You’ll find the same materials on the French site.

Lastly, as you add materials to your cart, you can click View my cart at any time to start the checkout process.

Once you login to DOX and start ordering marketing materials, you’ll notice your contact information will start pulling into the pieces automatically. If you need to update your information, such as your address, phone number, website, bio, or other contact information at any time, please email your updates to

It will typically take one business day to see contact information updated, whereas new headshots or firm logos can take a few business days.

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