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Check out these tutorials, demonstrations and additional resources on Hootsuite and Amplify.


Getting started with Hootsuite Amplify

In this video, you’ll learn how to download the Amplify app, create an Amplify Account, make a customized advocate profile, and add your existing social networks to the app for easy posting! 


How to use the Hootsuite mobile app

Learn how to install and use the Hootsuite Mobile app on your mobile device. 



How to use Hootsuite

New to Hootsuite? Begin exploring the key features of your dashboard: connecting your social media accounts, publishing posts, and monitoring and engaging with your audience.  


How to use Hootsuite Amplify for desktop

Hootsuite Amplify if available on both your mobile device and your desktop!  



Social media is a great tool to connect with your clients online and attract prospects.  

We’ve partnered with Hootsuite to provide you with free self-study courses and sessions to help you enhance your online prospecting skills, build your brand awareness, uncover new opportunities and increase client retention.     

The three Hootsuite Academy courses provide you the opportunity to learn how to:   

  • Leverage Hootsuite for prospecting​ 
  • Create and distribute more content in less time 
  • Demonstrate thought leadership and extend your social reach with Hootsuite Amplify​ 


In the one-hour sessions, you’ll learn implementation strategies and best practices and gain insights from your peers’ experiences. 

​If you’re ready to start using social media to prospect and identify new opportunities, these courses and sessions are for you! 

How to access the sessions

Access your Hootsuite account and register for the Academy courses. When registering for the modules, use coupon code: cladvisors​ 

We recommend completing the self-directed courses prior to watching the sessions for an enhanced learning experience. 

Step one: 


Step two: 

Step three: 


Step four: 

Hootsuite and DOX demonstration

Sharing content and marketing materials to your prospects and clients is one of the best ways to build your brand. In this session we will take you through the features of the Hootsuite (00:00 - 13:15) and DOX (13:15 - 24:35) platforms. We will be providing a live demonstration of account setup, profile linking, as well as post creation and scheduling. Afterwards you will be able to set up your accounts and begin sharing your content and materials to prospects and clients.

Video transcript available here.


Harness the power of Hootsuite to help grow your business

This session is packed with information to help you get started with Hootsuite, including:

  • Best practices to help you get set up on Hootsuite and sharing content today
  • Insights to help you create a sustainable social media plan for your practice
  • An opportunity to hear from experts at Hootsuite

Video transcript availble here


Boost your digital marketing efforts with Digital Agent, Hootsuite and DOX

Curious to learn how a strong digital presence can help grow your business? As part of the Canada Life Digital Toolkit program, you now have access to market-leading tools including Digital Agent, Hootsuite and DOX. Learn more about these tools in this pre-recorded Field Marketing drop-in demonstration. This session is offered in English only.

Video transcript availble here.

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If you’re a Canada Life-branded advisor, you’ll get access to Hootsuite once you’re fully contracted with Canada Life as part of the Canada Life Digital Toolkit program. If you’re a self-branded advisor, complete the Canada Life Digital Toolkit sign-up process

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