Signing up is simple

You can get access to these tools and more through the Canada Life Digital Toolkit program. Read below for more information:

Canada Life advisors

Once you're fully contracted with Canada Life, you'll be sent a Digital Toolkit agreement to get setup on DOX, Digital Agent and Hootsuite. From there Field Marketing will get your accounts set up and will email you your login credentials, resources and videos to help you get started.

Self-branded advisors

You can access DOX for free as part of the toolkit program as it’s an essential tool to do business with Canada Life. To get started on DOX, we need your information. Fill out the Field Marketing intake form and within a few days, you’ll receive an email from Field Marketing with your login credentials. Turnaround time may vary depending on how many active sign-ups we have at the time. 


To sign-up for Digital Agent and Hootsuite, visit the Canada Life Digital Toolkit sign up page and see what other platforms you have access to that can help your business grow!