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A website domain (or vanity URL) is a fancy way of saying “website address.” Your new Digital Agent website will require one. 

Domains must be purchased separately through a hosting service (for example, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.). Domains must be setup and maintained. This is a required ongoing expense. You’ll be required to continue paying your domain provider monthly or annually.

Domain service with Veriday:

Veriday offers an extra service to help advisors register, set up and maintain domains. The cost for this domain service is an additional $5/month plus applicable taxes.

To help guide you, here are the scenarios that may apply for using Veriday’s service:

Scenario 1: I don’t have an existing website and custom domain (or I want a new domain):

This assumes that you don’t have a registered domain set for your new Digital Agent website.

Veriday can purchase a new domain on your behalf through the domain vendor GoDaddy. With this service, Veriday ensures that your domain and SSL (security certificate) are automatically renewed. They’ll also update the DNS with the new nameservers and point your custom domain to your new Digital Agent website.

In the future, if you choose to cancel your Digital Agent website, Veriday can transfer your purchased domain at no cost to your new chosen vendor.

Scenario 2: I have an existing domain and I want to keep it

This assumes that you have an existing website with Adedia or Advisor Website and an existing domain through Adedia, Advisor Website or another provider. You can keep your existing domain, but you’ll need to contact your current provider and have it transferred.

First, send a request to your existing provider and request your domain’s "authorization code". From there, Veriday can take over maintaining it on your behalf (through GoDaddy). They’ll also update the DNS with the new nameservers and points your custom domain to your new Digital Agent website.

Note: Both options detailed above aren’t included in the $50/month fee for Digital Agent. The cost for this domain service is an additional $5/month.

Can I maintain my own domain?

Absolutely! You aren’t required to subscribe to Veriday’s hosting service. 

If you choose to take this route, you’re responsible for purchasing and maintaining your own domain. This includes making changes through the domain provider’s admin platform (for example, DNS updates or nameservers changes). 

As a Digital Agent subscriber, Veriday can coach and advise you, but you’ll have to implement all setup and updates.

There’s no additional cost to your Digital Agent subscription with this option. You’ll need to purchase the domain itself including renewals. 

The average cost for domain purchasing can vary in price but often starts as low as $10/year plus applicable taxes. The cost also depends on whether the domain is .ca, .com, etc.

What are my next steps? Do you have questions?

Once you’ve picked the option that’s best for you, reach out to and

Reach out to if you have any questions.