Tristan Murray

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

As an entrepreneur you’ve courageously decided to choose the road less travelled. You decided that the life of an employee was not the life that you desire to live. Your days don’t end when you “punch out” at 5pm after an 8-hour workday. Your life is not separate from your business because your business is an extension of who you are. 

Your decision has provided you with great potential for rewards, but it also means your financial situation is not like the average person.

You weren’t trying to be different, but you realized that your deep-seated desires and values couldn’t be fulfilled by any other means but entrepreneurship. 

You have deep desires to build a legacy that even your closest friends aren’t aware of. 

At times you lay in bed at night and wonder what will take place in the future. You ask yourself questions that include:
• What will happen to all that I’ve built?
• Will I be able to enjoy the retirement that I’ve dreamed of while still providing a legacy for my loved ones and/or charitable causes dear to my heart?
•Will all the sacrifices that I’ve made and the sweat equity that I have invested in my business be remembered?

You have realized what few have come to experience, the fact that its not merely about the money but rather about your LEGACY.

• What will yours be?
• Will you be one who generated admirable income but didn’t take the necessary steps to create lasting and impactful intergenerational wealth?
• Will your great grandchildren know who you were because of the lasting impact of your legacy?
• Will your name be a generational monument esteemed by your family?

My clients come to me when they:
☆ Are looking for strategies to grow their wealth tax efficiently.
☆ Realize that they prefer to give their wealth to their loved ones rather than the government. 
☆ Desire tax efficient strategies to fund their retirement. 

Through working with me, my clients are empowered to:
☆ Significantly reduce their lifetime tax bill.
☆ Optimize the net value of their estate.
☆ Optimize their retirement income.
☆ Create a legacy to be remembered by their loved ones.

You've worked too hard to see your wealth eaten away by taxes, let me help protect your legacy while you live the life you've always dreamed of.

Contact me directly via telephone or email to book your introductory call so that I can learn more about your specific desires.

Ask an advisor: RESP withdrawals – Canada Life

Learn about how to withdraw money from an RESP for a post-secondary student.



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Description: This animated video introduces an illustrated character Kim and her advisor to show how to withdraw money from an RESP for a child for post-secondary education.

Ask an advisor” appears. The camera zooms out as the text lands in an outlined square. “How do I withdraw money from an RESP?” fades in below. An illustration of a graduating student draws on the right side of the frame.

Kim: My oldest child will be ready to start post-secondary school soon.

Description: Kim talks on a cell phone in her living room while her son reads a book at a nearby table. Screen splits in half to include the advisor on the right half, sitting in an office.

Advisor: That’s great news!

Kim: How do we withdraw money from his registered education savings plan?

Description: Screen moves to full view of the advisor in her office.

Advisor: We’ll contact your RESP provider with proof that he’s enrolled in a qualified post-secondary educational program.

Description: Screen changes to circle with $5,000 in it. Above the circle, text that says 1 weeks starts to spin until it reads 13 weeks.

Advisor: Once you’ve done that, if he’s attending full time, the most you can withdraw is $5,000 during the first 13 weeks he’s enrolled.

Description: Text in circle changes to read $2,500. Above the circle, text changes to read part time.

Advisor: If he’s going part time that limit is $2,500.

Description: Text in circle changes to read Any amount. Above the circle, text changes to read After 13 weeks.

Advisor: After that, you can request withdrawals of any amount with no limit unless he takes a break from studies and doesn’t re-enrol within 12 months.

Description: A dollar sign in a circle appears on screen, then transitions to become one date on an illustration of a calendar. Screen transitions to Kim in her living room again.

Kim: What can we use the money for?

Description: Screen transitions to image opf Kim’s son in a school setting, then a bookstore, then an apartment.

Advisor: Tuition, textbooks, living expenses. Stuff like that.

Description: Screen transitions to Kim in her living room again.

Kim: And what if he decides not to go to post-secondary school?

Advisor: You have options, including moving the money that you put into the RESP to your registered retirement savings plan.

Description: Screen transitions to illustration of a piggybank with letters RESP under it, then money moving to another illustration of an easy chair with the letters RRSP under it.

Screen transitions to advisor in your office again.

Advisor: Once he’s firmed up his plans, let’s talk more about withdrawing the RESP money, including how those withdrawals will be taxed.

Description: Text that says “Let’s talk. Contact me today.” appears onscreen with the Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-888-252-1847.”

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