How Downton Abbey Looks at Financial Planning

Lori Otto - Sep 13, 2021
How Downton Abbey views financial planning.
Downtown Abby

Downton Abbey is a wonderful British drama series where we get to observe the lives of the people living and working within the walls of a large English estate.

For myself I really saw the contrasting thinking of the ultra-wealthy “upstairs” and the worker bees “Downstairs”.

What struck me was how they differed in their ideas of love, marriage, working and money.

Downstairs are very familiar to most of us, 98% of us in fact. We think in linear terms. We are born, go to school, get a job, buy a car, a home, we fall in love, get married, have children, send them to school, we retire, travel a wee bit then coast into the grave hoping we have enough to bury ourselves.

Whereas the upstairs thinks multidimensional or in layers. They believe there’s more than one way to live. They are born into wealth and every step of their development is geared to the education of wealth management.

You are born, you go to the “right “school primarily to teach you how to manage an estate, socialize, make connections and expand your knowledge. After your grooming is complete you are presented into the right society that will bring you the best possible advantages to life. You are given a house, a car and a position. All this you care for, create more and safeguard for the next generation. You marry in accordance to the status of your family, often into an alliance with another influential family securing wealth and position for both families. You do the same for your children. Your work is in the preservation of this great wealth, investing, creating new opportunities, problem solving and leveraging what you already have such as property rentals, farming, art exhibitions, etc. Travel and opulence is your lifestyle. You coast into the grave with every knowledge, you can afford your funeral, and what you accomplished will generously provide for many generations to come.

The character Robert Crawly, Lord of the Downton Abbey estate, admitted marrying for his wife’s money, but makes it clear that he doesn’t regret it, this marriage secured the future of the holdings and his future children’s lifestyle. This is not an exact quote, but it was something like “I married for Downton, Downton is my life, it’s my everything.”

Wow, talk about commitment to this idea!

There is another story plot in the house, the kitchen maid Daisy coerced into marrying a dying young soldier just so he could leave her his soldier’s pension. He “loved” her, she wasn’t “in love” with him and the guilt and shame she bore was sad, she couldn’t accept his gift.

See the difference?

Are you a linear thinker when it comes to money, banking and investing?

No shaming here, we too have followed this line of thinking.

What if we could change our path of thinking?

What if WE became creators of ideas, problem solvers, teachers and examples of wealth builders to our families?

For myself this has become my deepest desire.

How do we start the “path change”? EDUCATION!

Not just for yourself but for the whole family, there’s no use creating if the next generation doesn’t know how to manage it or create for themselves.

Now it won’t be easy, trust us we know! They want the money now; this is why generation education is vital.

Where to begin?

Reaching out to us. The amazing thing is you don’t have to do all the research and experimentation, we have the experience and education to guide you safely over to the new path!

Look within yourself, questioning the current way we do things such as schooling, banking, investing, borrowing and more.

Start a conversation with your children and grandchildren. Let them know that you want to include them in some changes that will secure their futures.

Generational wealth doesn’t just happen, it is through knowledge and understanding each member's roll in the operation of it and its upkeep.

Working Capital Account (WCA)

WCA is the perfect starting point! Becoming your own banker allows you to in control of your money! No more no credit checks and jumping through hoops to purchase what you want!

Imagine how differently you would feel if you were your own banker! It is possible! All it takes is commitment, a little working knowledge and time. It’s a beautiful thing!

We at DO Financial are committed to you and your money, to the realization of your dreams coming true and to your family’s generational wealth.

We call it Whole Picture Planning, planning at its best!

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