Kai Somers

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

I’ve always had a passion for leadership. Whether it was my role as an older brother, a manager for whichever restaurant I was working in or being the go-to person for advice among friends and family. Each experience taught me the need for leadership along with the responsibility that comes with.

Fast forward to my current career as a Financial Security Advisor. I was doing well myself with investments and creating wealth and had others ask if I can do the same for them. This inspired me to study the field and explore this as a career.

I saw a huge gap with something that should be simple, people and money. I noticed how taboo the topic of money was in everyday discussion and how the mention of the topic made individuals uncomfortable along with having negative feelings towards their financial position. Coming from the hospitality industry, I always loved networking and learning from others creating personal growth. I take on each client with passion and purpose and take ownership in providing a safe space to discuss numbers and goals.

My goal is to bridge the gap between individuals and money and teach tools to help elevate one's financial journey!

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