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Margherita-Francesca Venetsanos, BBA

Insurance Advisor
Investment Representative

After graduating from SFU Beedie School of Business in 2021 with a BBA, I immediately joined the Financial Services industry with Canada Life. I hold both Insurance and Mutual Funds licences. In my current role as a Financial Security Advisor, I have built my business around putting my clients’ needs at the forefront and caring for their wellbeing. I help individuals by first establishing a relationship and understanding their dreams and goals and what's important to them. I can then dive deeper in understanding their current financial situation and assist them in identifying opportunities in order to achieve their personal goals. My objective is to provide proper planning that is tailored to best fit with each person’s unique situation. Additionally, I provide advice, education and the financial tools that are necessary to protect individuals, families and businesses from life’s uncontrollable events. Having the resources to help people live life with peace of mind and confidence brings me fulfillment in what I do.

Below is a list of services/solutions offered:

Insurance products including Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability, Group Benefit Plans for businesses/business owners and Individual Health and Dental plans.

Investment products and accounts including but not limited to Mutual Funds/Segregated Funds, RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP, GIC/GIO.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss and learn more about any of the topics mentioned above.


Ask an advisor: RESP withdrawals – Canada Life

Learn about how to withdraw money from an RESP for a post-secondary student.



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Description: This animated video introduces an illustrated character Kim and her advisor to show how to withdraw money from an RESP for a child for post-secondary education.

Ask an advisor” appears. The camera zooms out as the text lands in an outlined square. “How do I withdraw money from an RESP?” fades in below. An illustration of a graduating student draws on the right side of the frame.

Kim: My oldest child will be ready to start post-secondary school soon.

Description: Kim talks on a cell phone in her living room while her son reads a book at a nearby table. Screen splits in half to include the advisor on the right half, sitting in an office.

Advisor: That’s great news!

Kim: How do we withdraw money from his registered education savings plan?

Description: Screen moves to full view of the advisor in her office.

Advisor: We’ll contact your RESP provider with proof that he’s enrolled in a qualified post-secondary educational program.

Description: Screen changes to circle with $5,000 in it. Above the circle, text that says 1 weeks starts to spin until it reads 13 weeks.

Advisor: Once you’ve done that, if he’s attending full time, the most you can withdraw is $5,000 during the first 13 weeks he’s enrolled.

Description: Text in circle changes to read $2,500. Above the circle, text changes to read part time.

Advisor: If he’s going part time that limit is $2,500.

Description: Text in circle changes to read Any amount. Above the circle, text changes to read After 13 weeks.

Advisor: After that, you can request withdrawals of any amount with no limit unless he takes a break from studies and doesn’t re-enrol within 12 months.

Description: A dollar sign in a circle appears on screen, then transitions to become one date on an illustration of a calendar. Screen transitions to Kim in her living room again.

Kim: What can we use the money for?

Description: Screen transitions to image opf Kim’s son in a school setting, then a bookstore, then an apartment.

Advisor: Tuition, textbooks, living expenses. Stuff like that.

Description: Screen transitions to Kim in her living room again.

Kim: And what if he decides not to go to post-secondary school?

Advisor: You have options, including moving the money that you put into the RESP to your registered retirement savings plan.

Description: Screen transitions to illustration of a piggybank with letters RESP under it, then money moving to another illustration of an easy chair with the letters RRSP under it.

Screen transitions to advisor in your office again.

Advisor: Once he’s firmed up his plans, let’s talk more about withdrawing the RESP money, including how those withdrawals will be taxed.

Description: Text that says “Let’s talk. Contact me today.” appears onscreen with the Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-888-252-1847.”

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