Murray Tucker

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

In my time as an advisor, I have had the opportunity to learn about the specific goals, benefits, and concerns that business owners and organizations have in each stage of building, developing, and running their businesses.

Regardless of the size or stage of each business I have worked with, the unique approach I take and process that I implement addresses the needs of the owner and concerns of all employees as we move the business from getting started to developing, to further growth, and the succession and exit strategy of the owner. 

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“Growing with you in your Business and Personal Life” 

The most common needs in each stage of a business are

  • Starting a New Business:
  • Managing investment capital and debt repayment


Developing Business:

  • Establishing and Managing key people 
  • Employee benefits


Growing and Expanding Business:

  • Managing retained earnings
  • Executive benefits
  • Retirement planning for yourself, your partners, and your workforce


Established Business:

  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning and exit strategy
  • Managing a family trust
  • Charitable giving


Whether you are an owner or a valued employee, working together, we will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of what financial planning means for you, your business, and your workforce.
  • Analyze your business and define your needs based on the stage you are in and the future direction of your business
  • Build and execute a plan for your immediate and long term goals at every level of your organization 
  • Review, monitor, and update your plan as you move forward in building and running your business


Our relationships are built on accountability, trust, strength, and performance. The plan I implement can help you to grow and protect your wealth, so you can achieve your goals both today and in the future.

Contact me at or call me at 506-639-5986 to learn how our process can work for you and your unique business. 

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Ask an advisor: Why work with an advisor?

Learn the benefits of working with an advisor to help build a financial plan for your future.



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Description: This animated video introduces two characters named Lauren and Amina and illustrated graphics to show how an advisor can help create a financial plan to reach your goals.

Text “Ask an advisor” appears. The camera zooms out as the text lands in an outlined square. “Why work with an advisor?” fades in below. An illustration of a handshake draws on the right side of the frame.

Lauren: I could buy my insurance and investments online. Why should I work with an advisor?

Description: Lauren sits outside at a café table with a lemonade in front of her.

Amina: My advisor sees the big picture of how all my finances fit together.

Description: Cut to show both Lauren and Amina sitting at the table.

Amina: I might miss something important doing it myself.

Description: The frame fades to reveal various graphics representing a new pet, life insurance, marriage, estate planning, new home, luxury car, speed boat, health coverage, travel and cottage.

Amina: There’s a plan to achieve all my goals,

Description: A line enters the frame to select Lauren’s goals: life insurance, a new home, health coverage and a cottage. All other graphics fade away.

Amina: even when new ones pop-up.

Description: The advisor’s hand moves into the frame to add a travel goal.

Amina: If something unexpected happens in the economy or the markets, I won’t freak out thinking I have to change or fix something.

Description: The line and goals move up and down to represent a shifting stock market.

Amina: My advisor updates me regularly, so I feel confident I’m on track.

Description: Amina’s hand moved into frame, holding her phone. A notification appears on her phone with a mail icon that reads: “New message.

Amina: With an advisor, my financial future is one less thing I need to worry about.

Description: Cut back to Amina sitting at the table, showing Lauren her phone.

Text “Let’s talk. Contact me today.” appears with legal line: “Video produced by Canada Life. 1-204-946-1190”