Workplace Safety Month

Scott MacDougall - Sep 28, 2021

If you're a Canada Life advisor, you will need to sign up for Digital Agent for your website. For our incorporated advisors on the call today, we would definitely recommend Digital Agent for you as well. For $50/month Digital Agent acts as the engine to support all your digital marketing needs. It's a great way to grow your brand in the digital space.​

You have easy access to a bank of relevant advice blogs and tools to engage readers and start the financial planning discussion – and the blogs appear to be written by you!​

Use campaign plug-ins. When we launch marketing campaigns from head office, you have the option for campaign content to appear on your website for when clients and prospects come looking.​

Access to lead generation tools to help expand your network.​

Analytics show who's coming to your site and what content is helping you get leads​

Best of all, it gives you the flexibility to build your personal brand and bank of sharable content – two pieces important to any digital marketing plan.​

Let’s try and put some of the things that we’ve talked about today into practice.​

For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll assume I’m an advisor living in London, Ontario.  There are lots of advisors in the city, as well as lots of personal wealth, so I want to find a way to stand out. In my three years working in London as a Canada Life advisor, I’ve discovered there are lots of small businesses in the city and it’s a group that’s underserved by financial planners. I decide to focus my digital marketing efforts for the next few months on how I can help small businesses owners.​

I’ve just defined my audience. That's the first step to any digital marketing strategy.​

I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I do know where I want to focus my efforts. LinkedIn and Facebook are natural places to find small business owners in any community. And because I have a LinkedIn profile and Facebook page that I’ve been using on and off, it’s an easy way to get started.  And, of course, I’ve got my Digital Agent website.​

Because I’m using social media, I’ve decided on a budget of zero dollars.​

Now I need to figure out what I want to say and create some content to share.​

Well, it’s October, and that’s Healthy Workplace Month here in Canada. How about a blog post about the importance of a healthy workplace for your employees? ​

Let’s just pop onto my Digital Agent website and we’ll throw one together: ​

[Demo setting up a blog post]​

Also, I’d like to point out for those of you who aren't strong writers or aren't able to invest a ton of time in writing your own content, Digital Agent includes a bank of pre-approved articles (two each month) that you can leverage as well. In fact, we’ve got an article about healthy workplaces that you or your marketing associate could access being published on October 15.​

All right, now that your article has been written, approved by compliance and posted to your website, it’s time to share it.​

[Demo the article being shared] ​

And that, is a very simple digital marketing campaign. Of course, there’s far more we can be looking to do: investing in paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to extend your reach. Creating Youtube videos and podcasts to start building an online following.​
 But for today’s presentation, "Getting Started," I would highly recommend that you start by setting up a Digital Agent website and twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th) spending a few minutes sharing the pre-approved articles on all your social media platforms.​

Spend the next three to six months seeing what topics and platforms are working for you. Are you starting to have conversations with people online? Is it driving more traffic back to your website? Where is the traffic coming from? Take what you've learned and continue to evolve and grow your plans for marketing yourself online.