The Oxygen Mask Effect

Sean Lowry - Feb 17, 2022
We all know that we're supposed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first on an airplane, but what does that look like for our families and business?

We've all heard the sage advice when flying "Put your oxygen mask on yourself first!". The idea being that unless we are okay ourselves, we can't be of help to others. Makes sense when you're thinking about the unthinkable at 35,000ft right?


But what about taking the same approach when it comes to looking after our families or our business? They both need us to be at our best to keep things running smoothly especially during hard times. But, how often are we really intentional about the position they would be in if we can't operate at 100%?


Financial security isn't just about having life insurance if we pass away, or saving our money so we can visit the French Riviera every year in our retirement. Some of the most important financial decisions we can make are based around this question: "What will my dependents do if I have a health or financial emergency?" How will your business pay the overhead and payroll? How will your mortgage and expenses be paid?


Day after day we make an effort to ensure our families and businesses have what they need, but what they need most is US -- and our biggest asset -- our ability to earn an income.


Financial security planning takes into account not just what you need to reach your goals in the future, but how can you protect the people that need you and the business you've given so much to build. 


Build a plan that gives you the best chance to live the future of your dreams and at the same time in the event of a health or financial emergency, you AND them can focus on recovery, not the essentials.