Tyler Hemming, BA (Hons), B.Ed

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Even though I’ve made the switch from a career in teaching to one in financial security planning, I’m still an educator at heart. My favourite part of this job is helping clients learn about their finances and how to plan for financial security. 

My focus is on helping young families and business owners plan for today and tomorrow. I’m also open to working with anyone who is ready to start making a plan.
Discussing finances can be stressful. I help my clients identify their needs and, with patience and understanding, explain what options will benefit them most. Clear communication is central to my relationship with my clients.

When I’m not helping my clients achieve their financial independence, I like to spend time with family and friends and keeping active by getting outside to play sports. I used to play professional soccer, so I still enjoy kicking the ball around when I can. 

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