Gianni Magnante

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

I’m a knowledgeable Financial Security Advisor with Canada Life.

I passionately serve the needs of families, businesses and professional practices in the insurance and related industries. My proposition is to better position your life with my commitment to develop and implement a tailored financial plan. I help guide my clients to be accountable, understand how to manage risks and create strategies.

My practice is predicated on delivering a well-thought-out, two-prong financial plan to help you maintain your lifestyle without selling your assets or cashing in your investments. Fundamentally, a financial plan should be designed with purpose-driven insurance solutions and wealth management, by implementing prudent investment strategies.

Here’s how:

  • Develop a financial plan that encompasses an insurance portfolio that provides:
    • Estate Planning and Protection
    • Life Insurance
    • Wealth Management
    • Living Benefits
    • Income Replacements
    • Mortgage and Debt Protection

Insurance is more than just protection, it’s also an investment!

  • The next element is geared toward the investment portion of a financial plan. The nucleus centers not only on your financial security for retirement, additionally, it provides growth opportunities for different goals throughout various stages of your life.

I’m enthusiastic to share my desire to work alongside service providers that lend their trade and service to the insurance industry to address any voids that exist in their business. These exposures can be addressed through financial planning as well by utilizing:

  • Key person insurance
  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Succession and Legacy Planning
  • Tax Minimization
  • Investments
  • Group Benefits

Communication has always served me well to encourage people to be open, place their trust in me, to be receptive, understanding and helpful. As it pertains to insurance and investments, the key is to encourage clients to articulate their financial values and beliefs and in understanding their concerns and motivations, aligning their values and resources with their unique vision of a fulfilling life.

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