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We’re trusted, experienced and dedicated to your success. Financial planning is the process of collecting information about your existing financial products and goals, to ensure that you have the proper strategies in place to meet them. Most people don’t do this very well by themselves. For over a decade we’ve used a process driven approach which will help you find out if you are on track to meet your goals, or if you need to adjust your current strategies to ensure you meet your goals.

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March 2024 market update

Apr 05, 2024 - Canada Life

For the month ended March 31, 2024. Read our monthly update to find out what’s been moving markets....

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Supporting your parents financially

Mar 28, 2024 - Canada Life

It’s more common for people to support their parents financially due to a lack of retirement savings and parents outliving their savings. Combining government assistance with a financial strategy can maintain financial stability for both generations....

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How to balance your career and caregiving duties 

Mar 21, 2024 - Canada Life

If you’re balancing your career and caregiving, it’s important to seek help from your employer as well as your support network at home to help you mentally, physically and financially....

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Group Pension Services

Attract and keep key employees for the long term.

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Incorporated Professionals

Tailored solutions to help you with your practice and personal cash flow.

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Get peace of mind that your loved ones are taken care of.

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Employee Benefits

Increase wellness and productivity of your employees by providing competitive health benefits.

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Customized solutions based on you, plans for to accumulate and protect your wealth.

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Wealth Management

Our dedication to our clients’ success is the reason why we are considered one of the top 50 Canadian wealth management firms.

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Business Owners

Strategies to help increase your personal cash flow, keep key employees and protect your business.

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Financial Advice

Your family deserves solid financial advice that protects them and your finances.

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Estate Planning

Customized strategies for inheritance, wealth transfer and succession to protect you, the people you love, and the causes that are important to you.

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