Maxim AJani (AJ) James

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

A motto that I live by and share with my clients is “challenge yourself to find new challenges!” Building relationships and using key financial concepts, I implement a unique and comprehensive plan that helps my clients meet their goals and prosper in the future. I've built my business by assisting clients with making the best decisions for their personal, professional, business, and family needs. I work closely to help them make sound investment and insurance decisions that are useful, valuable, tax-efficient, and time-specific.

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A little more about me:

Upon completing my undergraduate degree at York University, I embarked on a personal journey of growth through new challenges. I stepped out of my comfort zone, accepted greater responsibilities, and learned how to overcome obstacles in order to achieve success in my endeavors.

Growing with my challenges, I've successfully owned several businesses, earning over a decade of experience in financial security planning, corporate structures, strategy, brand development, marketing, project management and business analytics.

Being passionate about learning, having an entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset, I challenged myself to excel while achieving my MBA from Hult International Business School. During this experience, I presented a business idea through a global competition, winning in Shanghai and London before taking the stage with a team of colleagues in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum for the 2015 Hult Impact Challenge.

Completing my MBA after studying in Shanghai, Dubai, and London, I had confidence in my business acumen and execution. These skills were further enhanced by developing entrepreneurial ventures into multi-national companies. Completing my studies I knew I was ready for a career leading passionate individuals towards going above and beyond target goals. I then achieved my LLQP and IFIC licenses, and began helping clients achieve their financial goals through comprehensive planning.


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