I cannot say enough about all the good advice & help I received from Tim Reynolds and his team. They were instrumental in ensuring that my disabled daughter was able to receive all the benefits of a RDSP as well as continue to support me with my pension processes. Going above and beyond is what they do and I so very much appreciate all their time and hard work. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication.

Sandra M

Tyendinaga Territory

I have been a client with L&A Financial Centre for close to 30 years. During that time, I was kept apprised of my investments as well as any changes that might influence these investments. Bob Vrooman was there to help me plan for my future.

The future has arrived and although Bob has retired, I still am provided with excellent customer service by his successor, Tim Reynolds. I know from experience when Tim is presented with an issue, he works diligently with his client to find a viable solution.

Times are certainly different from 30 years ago but I am pleased that the service and commitment remains the same.

Kathleen B

"I've been seeking advice from Tim (and L&A) for quite some time now. I'm significantly pleased with his client commitment and timely financial advice. Issues are routinely brought to my attention and plans to address are well thought out, with my own goals, are much welcome. I even received homework once! Much better than any bank I feel confident and secure that Tim's guidance is well preparing me toward my goals and retirement. I'm very happy with the services to date and look forward to the personalized service Tim brings to the table. Well done and thank you"

Warren M

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory