Whether it is in person, by phone or video chat, we can connect to move your goals forward. I can come to you! Visiting in your home, if you are comfortable, allows you to be relaxed and not to worry about childcare. Daytime or evening appointments are possible. Meeting in your own home ensures you have all the important documents at your fingertips to answer important questions. 

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Let's build you a financial plan!

Intergenerational meetings are suggested for seniors.

Everyone meeting, to become acquainted and exchange thoughts, is best in a relaxed setting. This allows clear understanding for all parties and reduced stress for the older account holder. What is the caretaker's concerns? Is there sufficient income for the senior's needs? Have wills been created? These are all questions that can be asked together, to ensure everyone is informed. A financial advisor can be the quarter back to these important discussions. Knowledge is confidence.