Are you new to DOX? Here’s a list of topics you’ll want to consider.

Take a look at additional options on DOX.


Can’t find an item you’re looking for in the Marketing materials section? We have a search feature on DOX. Click the magnifying glass on the far right of your screen and then once you reach this page add any key words that may help find the item you’re looking for. Note that you’ll see both English and French materials in your search queries.

If you’re still not seeing what you’re looking for, the item might not be available in DOX. Please contact and ask us about the item. We can point you in the right direction or let you know if it’s coming to DOX soon.

As you customize materials you’ll be able to add them to your My Items section. Here you’ll find a visual history of the items that you’ve ordered. They are sorted by oldest to newest. When you’re adding items to this section you can change the title and description based on how and where you’re using these pieces – for example, November 2021 quarter page ad.

If you’d like to add any of your previous items to your cart again, simply add a one to the Add to cart box and click Add to shopping cart and complete the checkout process.

As you complete the checkout process, your orders will be tracked in the My orders section. Here you’ll find a more detailed history of your items that you’ve ordered, when you ordered them, if the email was sent and received. The item will only show as received and opened if you open the email and download the materials.

Like the My Items section, you can also re-order previous materials. To do this, simply click Copy order and complete the steps that follow.

DOX is currently available in English and French. When you signed up for DOX you provided us with your primary language. We then set you up on the appropriate site.

Depending on the language you selected, you’ll see all communications, login page, and home page in the language that you chose.

If you actively market yourself in both English and French, you can toggle to the other language at any time while you’re in DOX. You’ll see a language toggle at the top of the DOX site.

Both sites work exactly the same and you can order materials in the different languages. You cannot order both English and French materials on your primary DOX site. English materials are only available on the English site, and French materials only available on the French site.

If you’re transitioning to a firm’s branding or are self-branding, you’ll need to be switched over to the DOX self-branded platform. You will lose access to the Canada Life materials you previously ordered but don’t worry – the materials on the self-branded platform are the same, just with your own logo and branding instead of Canada Life.  

Contact Field Marketing when you are self-branding or joining a firm and we can help you make the switch. If you’re interested in using the affiliated with Canada Life statement, you must fill out the application form

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