Social media is who you are, websites are what you do

Digital Agent helps advisors build a strong digital presence. The internet is always open and prospects are always looking. In fact, 93% of all purchase decisions start with an online search (Profitworks, 2019). If you're interested in marketing to 7% of the marketplace through traditional means – Digital Agent probably isn't for you.

A website:

  • Establishes a professional presence and builds trust
  • Helps you find a higher number of potential customers, not limited by geography
  • Can significantly lower the costs of acquiring new clients
  • Allows tracking of activity that's easy to adjust

Spend more time with clients and less time working on your website.

With Digital Agent, you easily create a robust digital presence in your online community.

Blogging leads to


more website

Source: HubSpot

What's special about Digital Agent?

  • Analytics show who's coming to your site and what content is helping you get leads.
  • It acts as the engine to support all your digital marketing needs. It's a great way to grow your brand in the digital space.
  • You have easy access to a bank of relevant advice blogs and tools to engage readers and start the financial planning discussion – and the blogs appear to be written by you!
  • Campaign plug-ins. When we launch marketing campaigns from head office, you have the option for campaign content to appear on your website for when clients and prospects come looking.
  • Access to lead generation tools to help expand your network.

Suit your digital presence type

You can be as active as you want. New blog articles are added to the library every month. Publish whatever you wish and promote it through your social media channels to targeted clients. Or, turn on the subscription service and blogs will automatically be published when they are added to the library.

What are advisors saying about Digital Agent?

"I am proud of the site I have and I'm excited to see the continued evolution with the process, vendor and company."

Yvonne B.
Financial Security Advisor
Freedom 55 Financial

"It's a fantastic platform. And a HUGE asset for my business."

Tara M.
Financial Security Advisor
Freedom 55 Financial

Digital Agent helps establish a strong digital presence

Scott, a Senior Communications Specialist in Field Marketing at Canada Life, introduces a new tool to help advisors build a strong digital presence. Digital Agent is a website builder that helps advisors connect with their clients and prospective clients, build their unique brand, and measure success of their efforts. Read the transcript and descriptive text for the video here. 

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