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At Canada Life, we don’t just value advice – we value advisors. We’re here to help you grow your business, with smart, easy-to-use, effective marketing communication tools.

Digital Agent is a great way to build your web presence. Sign up and set up is easy, you can add new content and connect to your social media platforms in a few clicks, and generate the valuable leads that will help grow your business.

You can find out all you need to know here and sign up for Digital Agent in just a few minutes.

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Digital Agent helps you manage your website and your business efficiently and effectively.


  • Publish content with confidence. Leverage the Digital Agent library for compliant content 
  • We use keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) to get your content noticed 
  • Access a bank of relevant blog content to engage readers and start a financial planning discussion 
  • Engage digitally with your prospects and clients by sharing content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Customize your site with content that resonates with your clients and prospects

Prospecting and sales support:

  • Help build trust with referrals and prospects by ensuring they can find you online
  • Access analytics to understand what’s resonating with your audience so you can deliver the information they’re looking for
  • A mobile-friendly website means you’ll connect with your prospects and clients on any device
  • Flexible design lets you include dynamic content and other tools that are right for your business

Brand and compliance:

  • Tap into the strength of one of the most recognized brands in financial services to help build your digital presence
  • Compliance dashboard helps streamline the digital audit process
  • Eliminate potential legal issues with an AODA compliant site
  • Spend your time where it matters, with your clients, instead of building your website
  • Set it and forget it, you can let us worry about your digital marketing strategy

Integrated digital presence:

  • Digital Agent is the engine for all your digital marketing. It's a great way to grow your brand in the digital space
  • Promote content through your social media channels 
  • Set your site to automatically publish everything that’s added to the content library

Digital Agent demonstration

Creating and updating a website is the largest part of moving online. In this session, we will walk you through setting up your site, as well as show you how to customize, create and share content easily. You will leave this session equipped with the ability to set up your Digital Agent site and be seen by clients and prospects right away.


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(Profitworks, 2019).

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Seeing is believing. We’ve designed Digital Agent for Freedom 55 advisors*, Canada Life advisors and self-branded advisors. We have the Digital Agent experience for your business:

Blogging leads to


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Source: HubSpot

Social media is who you are. Websites are what you do.

The internet is always open and prospects are always looking. Digital Agent helps you build a strong digital presence that will help grow your brand and your business. 

With Digital Agent, you’ll be able to:

  • Establish a professional web presence that helps build a trusted brand
  • Find a higher number of potential clients, wherever they are
  • Lower the costs of acquiring new clients
  • Track your web activity to understand key metrics
  • Tailor your content to resonate with your clients and prospects

What are advisors saying about Digital Agent?

"I am proud of the site I have and I'm excited to see the continued evolution with the process, vendor and company."

Yvonne B.
Financial Security Advisor
Freedom 55 Financial

"It's a fantastic platform. And a HUGE asset for my business."

Tara M.
Financial Security Advisor
Freedom 55 Financial

Still have questions?

1. I already have a website. Can I integrate Digital Agent with my existing site?

Absolutely. We can help you migrate your existing site to the Digital Agent platform. Your Digital Agent site won’t be identical to your existing site, but you’ll be able to leverage your existing brand assets – like your logo and photography – on your new site. And you’ll be able to customize your Digital Agent site to help support your brand.

Let us know on the sign-up form if you’d like to migrate an existing site. We’re here to help.

2. I have a ‘vanity’ URL for my site. Can I keep it?

Of course. If you’re a self-branded advisor, you have the option of pointing your Digital Agent URL to your vanity address. Or, we can arrange to host your new Digital Agent site with your existing URL for you (for an additional $5.00/month). This is an additional service provided by our partner vendor, Veriday. The benefit of this service is that Veriday sets up, and maintains (including your domain renewals) on your behalf. If you’re a Canada Life advisor you have to use your first and last name:

If you have an existing website domain that you’d like to use on your new Digital Agent website, send an email to service@veriday.com with the following information:

  • Your default Digital Agent domain
  • The custom domain you’d like on your new Digital Agent website
  • Any other URLs you want to redirect to your new Digital Agent website

3. I don’t have a vanity URL, but I’d like one. Can I do that with a Digital Agent site?

For sure. Let us know what domain name you’d like to use and we’ll work with Veriday to help you purchase it. Send your options to service@veriday.com.

Signing up is simple

You can get access to these tools and more through the Canada Life Digital Toolkit program. Learn more here.